Marc Gascoigne

Titan: The Fighting Fantasy World

1986 (First published)

Main Details
Marc Gascoigne
1986 First published
Language English
Notes Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World, subtitled The Ultimate Guide to the Fighting Fantasy World - No adventurer should be without it! The Ultimate Fighting Fantasy Handbook!, is one of the two Fighting Fantasy Manuals and was also, after 1989, deemed to form part of the "Advanced Fighting Fantasy System". An oversized A4 version was first published by Puffin Books in 1986 (ISBN 0-14-032127-6), and later in 1989 (ISBN 0-14-034132-3), a smaller B Format edition to be the same size as Dungeoneer. The latter was published to become integrated with the Advanced Fighting Fantasy system, of which it retrospectively became a part. The oversized A4 version includes two colour illustrations by John Blanche on the inside front and inside back cover. It was reprinted as Titan - The Advanced Fighting Fantasy World in 2011 by Arion Games (ISBN 978-0-85744-068-6), returning to the original A4 Format.


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