Giovanni Francesco Straparola

Notte terza. Favola III

1550 (First published)

Main Details
Giovanni Francesco Straparola
1550 First published
Publication Location Venice
Language Italian
Notes From Straparola's collection Le piacevoli notti. This is the tale 3 of night 3 (there are no actual titles to the stories). Also known as "Biancabella", or "Biancabella and the Snake".

English synopsis from the W. G. Waters translation (1894): "Biancabella, the daughter of Lamberico, the Marquis of Monferrato, is sent away by the stepmother of Ferrandino, King of Naples, in order that she may be put to death; but the assassins only cut off her hands and put out her eyes. Afterwards she, her hurts having been healed by a snake, returns happily to Ferrandino."


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