Nikolai Gogol

Вечера на хуторе близ Диканьки

1831 (First published)

Main Details
Nikolai Gogol
1831 First published
1832 First published
Publication Location Saint Petersburg, Russia
Language Russian
Notes Вечера на хуторе близ Диканьки (English: Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka) is a collection of short stories by Nikolai Gogol. The first volume was published in 1831, the second volume was published in 1832.

Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka is separated into two volumes of four stories each:

Часть первая (English: Part One)
«Сорочинская ярмарка» (English: "Sorochintsï Fair")
«Вечер накануне Ивана Купала» (English: "St. John's Eve")
«Майская ночь, или Утопленница» (English: "May Night, or The Drowned Maiden")
«Пропавшая грамота» (English: "The Lost Letter")

Часть вторая (English: Part Two)
«Ночь перед Рождеством» (English: "Christmas Eve")
«Страшная месть» (English: "A Terrible Vengeance")
«Иван Фёдорович Шпонька и его тётушка» (English: "Ivan Fyodorovich Shponka and His Aunt")
«Заколдованное место» (English: "A Bewitched Place")


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