Ray Bradbury

Dark Carnival

1947-10 (First published)

Main Details
Ray Bradbury
1947-10 First published
Publication Location USA
Language English
Notes Dark Carnival is a short story collection by American writer Ray Bradbury, first published October 1947. All but six of the stories had been first published elsewhere, although Bradbury revised some of the texts.

• "The Homecoming" (aka "Homecoming")
• "Skeleton"
• "The Jar"
• "The Lake"
• "The Maiden"
• "The Tombstone"
• "The Smiling People"
• "The Emissary"
• "The Traveler"
• "The Small Assassin"
• "The Crowd"
• "Reunion"
• "The Handler"
• "The Coffin"
• "Interim"
• "Jack-in-the-Box"
• "The Scythe"
• "Let's Play "Poison"
• "Uncle Einar"
• "The Wind"
• "The Night"
• "There Was An Old Woman"
• "The Dead Man"
• "The Man Upstairs"
• "The Night Sets"
• "The Cistern"
• "
The Next In Line"


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