Ray Bradbury

Quicker Than the Eye (Collection)


Main Details
Ray Bradbury
1996 First published
Publication Location USA
Language English
Notes Quicker Than the Eye is a collection of short stories by American writer Ray Bradbury.

• "Unterderseaboat Doktor" - variant of "Unterseeboot Doktor"
• "Zaharoff/Richter Mark V"
• "Remember Sascha?"
• "Another Fine Mess"
• "The Electrocution"
• "Hopscotch"
• "The Finnegan"
• "That Woman on the Lawn"
• "The Very Gentle Murders"
• "Quicker Than the Eye"
• "Dorian in Excelsus" - variant of "Dorian In Excelsis"
• "No News, Or What Killed the Dog?"
• "The Witch Door"
• "The Ghost in the Machine"
• "At the End of the Ninth Year"
• "Bug"
• "Once More, Legato"
• "Exchange"
• "Free Dirt"
• "Last Rites"
• "The Other Highway"
• "Make Haste To Live: An Afterword"


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