Works (master) Pages On Bookogs

Much like Discogs and Filmogs, the master - in this case ‘Work’ page - serves to group together all individual editions of a book title. We hope that as the Bookogs database continues to grow, this view will create a more structured and organised overview of how many versions of an author’s Work exist. Here’s an example of how it looks in action:

What is a Work?

For the purpose of Bookogs, a Work is the artistic creation (e.g. novel, short story, poem, play), while the book is the physical, printed manifestation of this Work. A work can be printed and recreated several times; for more popular Works it’s likely there will be many versions of the book in print. Or a Work may appear in many different books, for example, The Complete Works Of Oscar Wilde, or The Complete Works Of Shakespeare.

How does it work:

  • When you’re adding a book edition to the database, add the title of the work (novel, short story, poem, etc) to the ‘Work’ field.
  • If the book your submitting contains several works add the title of each of the Works.
  • To create a Work page for a book already in the database, edit the page and enter the title in the Work field. To group all versions of a book, you’ll need to do this for each edition of the book.
  • All versions, including different translations and transliterations, should be grouped under the same Work page.

As with ‘Film’ pages on Filmogs, you won’t be able to add a ‘Work’ to your Collection or Wantlist, nor can you list a book for sale from this page.