Step-by-Step Guide To The Bookogs Submission Form

To get started with submitting your book collection to the Bookogs database, ensure you have a physical copy of the book in front of you. As Bookogs is a database for archiving physical book release, this is important to ensure data accuracy and detail so we can create the most comprehensive and authoritative database of books to endure for years to come.

When you click ‘Add Book’ in the top Bookogs navigation bar, you’ll be taken to the submission form. Here, you can enter as many details as possible about the book. Below is an overview to help you enter data for each field.

As the Bookogs database and submission form is made to catalog both books and magazines, there are some fields that may be more suitable for one or the other, while some of the options in the dropdown may not apply. Though we appreciate submissions being as detailed and complete as possible, it’s also totally acceptable to leave a field blank if it does not apply to your submission or you struggle to find the correct data. Any field you leave blank won’t appear on the final page.

When creating a book submission, you’ll find most of the information you need on the front cover, publisher page (usually just inside the front cover or a few pages in), and the back cover.

While the title is the only required field, each of the fields plays an important part in identifying the exact version of the book or magazine in your possession. This is key to ensuring the mission of Bookogs - to document all physical book and magazine releases. Like with Discogs, different versions and editions can vary a lot in nature and value.

Please note, the preview and submit buttons have moved to the right-hand side of the page.


Required field. This is the most obvious identifier for an item (book or magazine). You’ll generally find the title on the cover of the book or magazine. If a subtitle is present, use a colon (e.g. Going For A Song: A Chronicle Of The UK Record Shop). If you’re submitting a magazine, just use the name of the magazine, along with the volume and issue number.


At least one credit is required for a submission. In this field you will find a dropdown menu of roles associated with the creation of the book or magazine. In this field, select a role and in the free-text box next to it, type the name of the person who fulfilled this role for the creation of this item.

All items that a credit is listed on will be grouped together. For example, if you’re adding a book by Stephen King to the database and you enter his name as ‘Author’, the book will appear under Stephen King’s name in Bookogs, along with all his other books that have been submitted so far.


Author is the most important credit for a book. Other key credits (where applicable) are the publisher or imprint (or both), editor, translator, writer of the introduction or foreword, series, printer, cover art designer, artist or photographer, copyright holder. If you can identify more credits, please add them as necessary.


The ‘Periodical title’ credit should be used for the name of the magazine series. ‘About/Subject’ should be used to detail any subjects covered in the magazine (for example, a magazine may contain articles or material about bands, like Foo Fighters, Jimi Hendrix, or a fishing magazine may contain material about Trout). Add as much information about the creators of the magazine as possible, such as the Cover Photographer, Editor, designers, etc.

There is no limit to the amount of people you can credit for a book or magazine, and we recommend including every person clearly credited on the document (book or magazine) in your submission. However, if it’s not clear who was responsible for a certain role, don’t feel you can’t complete the submission without this detail.

You can change the order of credits by dragging and dropping with the button to the right of the field, or X to remove it.


All dates should be entered in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD. If the day is not known, the year and month is sufficient, or just the year. Submissions with dates incorrectly filled in can have trouble syncing in the database.

Use the drop-down to select the significance of the date you’d like to add to your submission. Many of these dates will be printed on the publisher page, such as date of copyright (there may be several - please include all of them in your submission), when the book was first published, the date your edition was published. For magazines, the most important is the Cover Date, which is when the issue was released. This will likely be on the cover near the barcode.

You can also change the order of dates by dragging and dropping.

Identifying Codes

Each edition of a book is given a unique code in order to identify it among similar versions. This is one of the main differentiators of the Bookogs database, as it’s one of the most valuable ways to tell the difference between editions and versions of a ‘master’ release, or work. Find the type of code in the drop-down Here’s the full list of identifying code types you can enter on Bookogs. If you see more than one Identifying Code on/in a book (e.g. ISBN and Library of Congress Catalog Card Number), include them all.

Where to find identifying codes

You’ll often find the identifying codes on the indicia, though they may not be clearly marked as such. Find an example of what each identifying code looks like here (wiki page as above). Barcodes are commonly found on the back of the book and include the barcode number beneath them. They also often have the ISBN (/10/13) just above the barcode. The ISBN and barcode number will usually be very similar if not the same.


Here you can include the volume and issue numbers. It’s also valuable to include the barcode number, which is found on the front cover (often the bottom-right corner). An ISSN may be found on a magazine as well.


Required Field. Choose from the dropdown menu the physical form of your submission takes. For example, are you submitting a paperback book? A hardcover book? A magazine? Find and select from the menu. Please note that Bookogs is primarily interested in cataloging all physical versions of books, but e-books and e-magazines are also permitted.
If the format of the item you're submitting isn't available in the dropdown menu, please use 'Other' and add a detailed description to the Notes field.

Note: If you're editing a submission which hasn't included the format you will be prompted to add one before you can save your edits. If the format of the book you're editing is unclear, select 'Unknown' from the dropdown menu and be clear in the submission notes that the format needs correction.

Location of Publication

Where was your edition of this book published? Add as much detail as possible - e.g. town/city and country if available, or just country. If you can’t find the location of publication on your book, leave this field blank.


Which genre does your book best fit into? See the full list of genres here. Please note, genre is a filter on Bookogs, so books of the same genre are grouped together.

Listed Page Count

The number of pages printed in the book. Use the number printed on the last page.


Required field. This is the language of the book you are submitting - not the original language it was printed in (please note, this is a separate field).


This field creates the 'master' page which all other editions of this book are grouped by. Simply add the title of the Work (e.g. novel, short-story, play, poem (or each if the book contains more than one creative work)


This is a low priority field. Often the type of font the book is printed in will be included on the publisher page, or perhaps on the back cover. Please include it if listed, but don’t feel your need to spend a lot of time identifying the font.


If the book has a contents page with the chapter titles and page numbers listed, please add them to your submission as they are listed on the chapter page in the book (including sections for chapters). If the book has chapters but they’re not listed on a contents page, you may wish to look through the book to add them to your submission, but it’s not necessary.


This free text field is for you to add any additional notes you’d like other users to know about the version of your book, or submission. It’s acceptable to leave this field blank.

Add links to any sites with information that support your submission, like Wikipedia or an official site. We especially interested in linking the whole 'ogs ecosystem, so if a book has been adapted into a movie, include the Filmogs link. If it has a soundtrack, or there's a song or concept album centred on the book (e.g. David Bowie's 'Diamond Dogs' is about George Orwell's '1984') add the Discogs link along with notes of how they're related. Notes about links are optional.

Original Language

If this book was originally published in a language other than the version you are submitting, add this here. This will often be printed on the publisher page, or a little extra research may be required.

Original Language Title

As above, if the book was originally published in a language other than the version you are submitting, find the original title of the book. This will often be printed on the publisher page, otherwise a quick internet search should yield the result. If you’re submitting the original title, leave this field blank.

Submission Notes

Submission notes must be used to explain all aspects of your submission, particularly anything unusual that might be questioned by other users.