Image Guidelines for Bookogs

Adding an image to your book submission is not compulsory, but it does improve the quality of your submission by providing more information about the book or magazine and make it more appealing for other users to check out.

We recommend adding the front cover of the item you have submitted to the database. You may also want to add an image of the back cover, spine, and any other pages of particular interest.

Accepted image formats are .jpg, .gif, .png, and .bmp. Please do not upload images with watermarks or images of generic sleeves. Please take a moment to review Discogs' image guidelines g13.2.1 regarding acceptable size and quality.

By uploading images to Bookogs you agree that the image meets one of the following requirements:

  1. Image is Public Domain (expired copyright or public from inception).
  2. You own the rights to the image and agree to make it available via CC0 "No Rights Reserved" license.
  3. Image is already made available through a CC0 "No Rights Reserved" license.
  4. Fair Use - any image representing a physical or digital product (e.g., cover art, label scans, packaging, liner notes).

See also: How To Add An Image To Your Book Submission