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Welcome to S.P.IN.

The Bookogs September Pledge Initiative

Thanks to the support of friends like you, the Bookogs community, SP.IN. will save books, magazines and journals across the world from being lost forever.

With your help, this September, we are trying to save 1800 editions on our mission to catalog every book ever created in the world.

The item you contribute could lead a long forgotten book to someone’s nightstand, to be enjoyed for the first time... again.

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How to contribute to Bookogs

  1. Grab what’s on your bookshelf, hit up the local library or purchase something new.
  2. Search Bookogs for the item. Looks like it is not in the database yet!
  3. Add your book to Bookogs using the Submission Form.
  4. Nicely done! Now other Bookogs community members can add it to their Wantlist, Collection, or their Marketplace
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