Work Guidelines


Enter the original title of the Work in its original language (and alphabet, if applicable).

Follow best practices for capitalization.

Subtitles should be added into the this field using a colon as a separator (e.g. Title: Subtitle).

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Use this free text field to add any additional details about the Work that don't fit in any of the above fields.

Don't use this Notes for data that belongs in one of the above fields.

Please do not include subjective opinions, reviews, promotional language or hype.

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Enter the language this Work was produced in.

If the Work was originally written in more than one langauge, enter each language.


If the author is known by more than one name, go with the name they were known as when the Work was first published. Use the Name Variation (NV) function (pencil icon in the field) and add the name they're primarily known as.

If Work has more than one author, add on a new line. To add more, click 'Add Author'.

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Location of Publication

Enter the town/city and country where this Work was produced. If town/city are unclear just the country is acceptable.


Dates should be added in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

If the exact date the Work was first published is unknown, just the year is sufficient.

If you add only one, please ensure it's the date the Work was first published.

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Enter the genre of the content of the Work. Genre should be kept broad when possible; you can add sub-genres or more detail in the Notes section if required.

Please link a Discogs artist, release, or label page where there is a commonality with the data or it makes sense to do so.

Adding a link here will display the video in the right-column. (This could be an audio recording or other video related to the Work).

We don't accept links to review pages, email address, shops or online stores, poor quality fan pages, or pages that are not directly accessible (e.g. require a log in or payment to view).

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