Book Guidelines


This information can often be found on the book's copyright page, or the back cover.


This describes the physical form of the book (e.g. paperback, hardback, journal)

The same work in different formats should be entered into the database as separate items.

Use the Notes field to add more description for unique items if needed.

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Use this free text field to add any additional details about the book that don't fit in any of the above fields. This includes distinguishing features of the book, or secondary sources consulted for the submission.

Don't use this field for data that belongs in another field.

Please do not include subjective opinions, reviews, promotional language or hype, or condition notes.

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Listed Page Count

Use the page number printed on the last page of the book.

Original Language Title

If the book was originally published in a language other than the version you are submitting, include the original title of the book. This information can usually be found on the copyright page.

If you’re submitting a book in its original language, leave this field blank.


Enter chapter titles and numbers as they appear on the table of contents. Include section titles and headers.


Enter the language of the book you're submitting. Please note, this does not refer to the original language the book was published in. This information can be added to the 'Original Language' section below.


A Credit is anyone who was involved in the creation of the book, like the author, editor, publisher, copyright holder, cover design, and so on.

Enter the credit's name exactly as it appears on the book.

If the name is different to how the credit is often known, use the Name Variation (NV) function (click the pencil icon) and add the name they're primarily known as.

Add only one name per field. To add more, click 'Add Credits'.

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Please link a Discogs artist, release, or label page where there is a commonality with the data or it makes sense to do so.

Adding a YouTube link here will display the video in the right-column (this could be an audio recording or other video related to the book).

We don't accept links to review pages, email addresses, shops or online stores, poor quality fan pages, or pages that are not directly accessible (e.g. require a log in or payment to view).

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Dates should be added in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

Try to be as precise as possible. If the exact date is unknown just the year is sufficient.

If more than one date appears on the book, please include them all.

If you add only one, please ensure it's the latest copyright date.

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Enter the title exactly as it appears on the book.

If the title differs on different parts of the book (e.g. cover, spine, copyright page) use the most visually obvious title. Use the Notes section to mention any important differences.

Follow best practices for capitalization.

Subtitles should be added into the this field using a colon as a separator (e.g. Title: Subtitle).

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Identifying Codes

We strongly recommend adding every identifying code on the book to your submission as this is the best differentiator for physical items.

Enter codes exactly as they appear on the book - use dashes or spaces between numbers if that's how it's printed on the book.

More information on what each identifying code looks like and where to find it.

More Identifying Code Guidelines


The Work is the composition, or creative piece of text published in the physical object. E.g. the novel, short story, poem, article, or other creative work.

The Work should be entered under the original title in the original language in which it was published.

The Work page groups together all published editions of that work.

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Enter the genre of the content of the book. Genre should be kept broad when possible; you can add sub-genres or more detail in the Notes section if required.

Location of Publication

Add the town/city and country if available, or just the country. This information is usually on the copyright page of the book.