Just a thought and no disrespect to anyone but if we're going to use Discog acronyms we need to make sure that all users know what's what.

Don't think we should assume that people are familiar with the sister site.


They can't join here unless they are a Discogs member first.

Yes appreciate that but is it not possible to join Discogs and then come straight here?

Answer is yes because my son has done exactly that on Filmogs.

Same principle, he could come on here and not have a clue what an 'ANV' is.

No disrespect to you by the way but ANV, EI, Master Release?

My wife did that as well, joined Discogs solely to submit here. Hi Karen09!

I'll start a wiki soon on acronyms

I began a "Definitions" wiki page. Please help fill it out.

I also re-ordered the Main wiki page

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