For the Date field, we have First Published, and we have Printed, but we don't have First Printing. (To be consistent, I guess we'd have to call it First Printed, although in the front matter it almost always will say First Printing.)

First Printing is not the same thing as First Published. I have a book here that has both First Printing and First Published in its front matter.

Just plain Printed is also not an option because I assume that would just be the date of that particular copy's print run. I think it is far more common for the front matter to only say when the first print run was done.

I've added First Printed to the options.

Additions needed to date fields:

Copyright Renewed

and descriptive fields for the date fields, for example Afterword Copyright, Bibliography Copyright

along with the font we also need Filmset

In my opinion the most important date which should be splitted from other dates is publishing date of exact edition.
Adding other dates in the same area can make it a bit messy & hard if I want to find exact day of published book & check if the book I'm gonna add is unique or not.

I've added Reprinted, Reset, Copyright Renewed and Filmset. I've added the descriptive fields suggestion to our Feature Request list.


sorry to cause confusion but Filmset is not a date role, it is more like Typography

Did you want it in the Credits section? I've deleted it from the date section.

Probably next to typography for the process and in credits for the company named

example: Fimset in VIP Palatino by Northumberland Press Ltd.

for adding to date fields:

This Impression

Second Impression

I am missing the edditions also "First" or like 56 57 58 59 60 or did I missed it?

@maldoror - I've added This Impression and Second Impression. Sorry for the delay.

@SuzieQNL - Right now we're just noting things like First Edition in the Notes section. Adding Editions in the date field would force people to enter a date for the edition rather than just note what edition it is.


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