Brooke Magnanti is known as Belle de Jour. I added it as an ANV though.

In response to alexl's previous comment, I have created PAN Belle de Jour as the two books credited to Brooke Magnanti only credit her pen name. I have completed the profile for Belle de Jour and hyperlinked the two PAN's.

The two url's are:

Just came across this

tsivihcra the artist Bill Hamper/Billy Childish (real name: Steven John Hamper) uses more aliases than I have had hot breakfasts:

William Charlie Hamper, Bill Hamper, Bill Hamper-Childish, Guy Hamper, Jack Ketch, Gus Claudius, Danger Bill Henderson (courtesy of

I have created PAN Bill Hamper and made the credit "Bill Hamper (a.k.a Billy Childish)" an ANV of that PAN. As there are no images of the actual credit, I can only assume an ANV is required. I detailed this in the Submission Notes.
I have hyperlinked both Bill Hamper and Billy Childish: and completed the profiles of both.

Therefore, is no longer required.

Thanks Auribus.

I'm really torn about what to do with all these Madames, Mademoiselles etc.

For example while often credited as "Madame Leprince de Beaumont", there are also credits for "Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont".

I can't decide:
1) Should "Madame Leprince de Beaumont" be treated as a name variation or a pen name?
2) If it should be treated as a name variation, which version should be the primary name?

Nothing too urgent though, but as I will continue to enter more fairy tale books, I'd like to stay consistent.

mirva I would treat the titled names as ANVs of the real name PAN.

That was my gut feeling too, just in some cases the titled name is way more common than the real name. But unless someone opposes, that's what I'll do. Thanks. :)

Not sure if this qualifies as a pseudonym or elaborate hoax.

I wasn't sure how to add this:
Edward Michael Grylls is the real name for

Colin Armstrong is the real name for

alexl if Bear Grylls is the only form of his name then the Credit is correctly Bear Grylls. I have completed his profile listing his real name. The Chris Ryan profile also lists his real name.

It is my impression that this thread should only used when both the real name and pseudonym(s) are listed as individual Credits in the database.

It is also possible that posting to this thread has fallen by the wayside.

alexl if Bear Grylls is the only form of his name then the Credit is correctly Bear Grylls. I have completed his profile listing his real name. The Chris Ryan profile also lists his real name.

It is my impression that this thread should only be used when both the real name and pseudonym(s) are listed as individual Credits in the database.

It is also possible that posting to this thread has fallen by the wayside.

I meant to add that in both examples the real names are not created as Credits.

Thanks. I wasn't sure.

  • Previously listed in this thread.

Make that a triple:

Curtis Richards is not a pseudonym of Dennis Etchinson!
Mr. Curtis (born 1937, mainly a literary agent) mentioned his two novelization jobs (Squirm & Halloween) in an interview.

Well that's interesting as both the Wikipedia article for Dennis Etchison: and this Halloween Series fan site: both state that Curtis Richards is a pseudonym of Dennis Etchison.

I think you are confusing Curtis Richards with Richard Alan Curtis (born June 23, 1937) who is an American editor, literary agent and author:

This is the article that I used as the source for the profile of Richard Alan Curtis:

I also found this bibliography for Richard Alan Curtis and there is no mention of Halloween:

I know about those articles, stating Etchinson is Richards, here is one, denying it
and two, crediting his Jack Martin books and/ or the novelizations without mentioning the first Halloween/ Curtis Richards

Unfortunately, I can't find the interview with Richard Alan Curtis, I read some years ago, online anymore. It was about his work as an agent and along the way he mentioned Squirm and Halloween in one or two sentences, seemingly preferring Squirm and not willing to talk about Halloween at all.

OK based on your sources I agree that there is doubt that Curtis Richards is a pseudonym of Dennis Etchison, so I have removed the profile from Curtis Richards and the link in Dennis Etchison.

However, I don't think it would be prudent to list Curtis Richards as pseudonym of Richard Alan Curtis based on your recollection of an interview. Feel free to research this topic further.

I did so and found these:

Good work.

I have added the profile for Curtis Richard with a link to Richard Curtis based on your sources.

BadMoon I have completed the profiles of both credits and linked the two. The Wikipedia page for Horst Friedrichs gives his pseudonym as Ken Roycroft:

I assume your books show this as Kenneth Roycroft.

Anaideia, thats correct, Ken Roycroft is an alternate pseudonym, afaik only used for his work on some pulp series. The books credit Kenneth Roycroft.

Thanks BadMoon for the extra information.
pseudonym of
pseudonym of

Both pseudonyms of Denis M. MacEoin

Both pseudonyms of Henry Patterson

is the pseudonym for

when writing together

*previously listed in this thread
pseudonym of:

I will try that again:

I can beat that by one:

So I just created another:

  • previously listed in thread

And another for Dean Koontz:

Both these names are pseudonyms used by Jeanne Kalogridis. Not sure if the second variation should be merged to the first and treated as an ANV.

Both these names were pseudonyms used by writing partnership Bob Wade and Bill Miller.

Anyone have a preference for photographer Ed / Edward Colver? (1 book, 3 editions, plus his own website) (2 books, also as listed on Discogs)

I vote for Edward as it's the older entry and he seems to get credits under a lot of name variations (on discogs), so I guess, the real name would be the better choice.

I vote for Edward

Make that two.

+1 for Edward

And another for Dean Koontz.

BadMoon does Ramsey Campbell use his full name to differentiate for example, a particular genre of his works? Otherwise, I don't think John Ramsey Campbell should be a separate credit, just an ANV of Ramsey Campbell.

Markus Falk ( )
is the pen name of Virpi Hämeen-Anttila ( ) & Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila ( )

About Ramsey Campbell: that french Cthulhu book is the only item I could find, where he is not credited just as Ramsey Campbell. I would vote for ANV.

Thanks BadMoon, that makes two of us, so I have made the change.

Should these two be combined? I been putting books under one, but there's also another.


rotorschnee, I have to apologise as I added the profile for McFarland and I admit it was a bit confusing. I have rewritten it and hopefully it makes more sense.

The two credits should not be combined as one is a legal entity (McFarland Company Inc.), and the other is either a shortened form of the company name or possibly an imprint.

The simple rule is to use the credit that is closest to the information listed in the article you are submitting. Only use McFarland if that is the way it is shown.

I always see him being credited as Keith R.A. DeCandido, even the one & only entry on the Keith DeCandido profile uses that as ANV. marked as a duplicate. I transferred the profile details to Keith R.A. DeCandido and added a nice pic. Done!

All pseudonyms of Henry Patterson, even though as far as I know he hasn't published anything under the name Henry Patterson, only as Harry Patterson...

  • previously listed in thread

Note that the pseudonyms are not as empty as they seem, both have work credits. Unfortunately they are just not displayed on the author pages.

Problem solved, now they have books too.

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That's weird asterisks now have a formatting function.

Both pseudonyms of British author John Middleton Murry, Jr.

Married or separated, who knows, I guess the former.

Married or separated, who knows, I guess the former.

You're right, there is an article of her on the net in which she mentioned her mother's name (Feldman) and according to other infos she wrote, her wedding must have been in the first half of the 2010s.


Awkward one here between Bauer Media & Bauer Media Group.

I'd originally assumed that the former was for UK titles and the latter European. However, just spotted that Polish titles also appear under Bauer Media.

The Bauer Media Group took over big UK publisher EMAP in 2008 ans renamed it

However, former EMAP titles are also listed under Bauer Media. Keep as is?

ignore above, wrong thread, I'm tired.

I don't know if the maiden name/married name situation has ever been discussed on this site. On Discogs the two are treated as separate credits with the alias feature linking the two. Do we continue that system (albeit no alias feature) or simply treat one as an NV of the other. I have no preference.

ignore above, wrong thread, I'm tired.

I know the feeling.

I think they should be kept separate.

Though it starts getting into muddy waters when they keep the old name but add the new one eg. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge which seemed to require a Discogs thread to keep it seperate.

It would be a lot easier if we had an alias feature instead of hyperlinking everything.

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