Recently got these two braille things turned into my work today. I'm not sure exactly what they would be called, but I believe they're some type of audio book. Any ideas?

Aren't those for certain braille readers?

They might be, they just turned it in to our bookdrop.

It is called BARD, short for Braille and Audio Reading Download: Basically what you have there are library books.


You are very welcome :)

So is this an Audiobook?

I'll take that as a yes. So it appears that it is a computer that does the reading?

If these are audiobooks, then I believe they should also be submitted at Discogs. Wonderful additions to both databases.

Sorry, my “answer” was a bit short…

From what I understand (note that I am not visibly handicapped nor do I know anyone who uses BARD) these are downloadable books that can be listened to via a computer or an app. People can also borrow books (temp. download) via BARD.

To a certain extend I think this can be qualified as an audiobook, though regular audiobooks and those for the visually impaired (like Talking Books) differ. It might need a separate format entry here. Same goes for Large-print, Braille books et al.

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