There is already a duplicate: (incomplete and incorrect)
and (which I just corrected).
Can we merge them?
On top of it they are comics and should be moved to Comicogs...
Help appreciated!

Sorry, the first one is a duplicate of (which I also just corrected)

Just edit one entry into different book. We don't have merge & delete function here yet

I don't know if this has been discussed but there is also a problem of duplicate pages for the same credits. If a credit already exists, you HAVE to select it from the dropdown or a new page will be created.

For example there exists 3 pages for Publishers Group West. I moved them all to a single page by selecting the first instance of Publishers Group West which below the credit box.

Thats a pain, I thought that might be the case when the 'drop downs' appeared.

Also, Company Name Variations exist now!

See the Dai Nippon entry here.

Regarding CNV I guess we need a thread to agree which one to use? For example has about 11 variations currently.

I would say that we should get down and dirty and create a thread on each company or author, just like at Discogs.

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