As [u=disneyfacts] compiled in Discogs:
I think we need a thread where adding every interesting book-related site. Then in the future bibliogs management could use it fo fill a new "Useful resources outside of Bibliogs" similar to

And please, help, I don't know how to edit entries of threads.
Thank you all

As far as I am aware, none of us can edit our postings on the forum... so what you say goes! (be careful!)

This is a cool idea. Maybe worth creating a Wiki page for it.

A small list of Websites about books:
Library of Congress:
Global Register of Publishers:
Vatican Library:
Austrian National Library:
France National Library:
Harvard University Library:
Russian State Library
National Library of China:
New York Public Library:
National Library of Spain:
The British Library:

Book Sizes:

Fonts searching:

Literary Genres:

Parts of a Book:

World's Largest book publishers:

Directory of Global Publishing Industry:

I've created a wiki for this awesome idea

Users are welcome to add to the wiki, or if they are not comfortable editing, just post suggestions here and then I or someone else can add them.

Cool! Adambassador, thank you!

Very nice;

KB; Koninklijke Bibliotheek
The National library of the Netherlands.

First of all, @Adambassador, please check Vatican Library in the same line with Russian Library

Don't know if this library is suitable ot be added in Bibliogs Wiki:
Online Library:

Famous authors:
- Jorge Luis Borges:
- Miguel de Cervantes:
- Joseph Conrad:
- Charles Dickens:
- Fiódor Dostoyevski:
- T. S. Eliot:
- Federico García Lorca:
- Victor Hugo:
- James Joyce:
- Antonio Machado:
- Pablo Neruda:
- Octavio Paz:
- Juan Ramón Jimenez:
- William Shakespeare:
- Robert Louis Stevenson:
- Mark Twain:
- Whalt Whitman:
- Oscar Wilde:

wiki updated

Thanks for getting this going, guys!

I found this Magazines and Newspapers database, world wide

Missing a "Library" in the list.. Italian!!
Our libraries are all connected in to a national catalog, so, not a national physical library, but a policentric unmaterial library, reachable through the catalog:

I wish an "ogssite" like but using Libraries around the world.
Discogs + oggers aorund the world could do it

"I wish an "ogssite" like but using Libraries around the world.
Discogs + oggers aorund the world could do it"

Now that is an awesome idea.

And by the way, as appears this is serious, a huge work with tons of books, I miss hints and comments by Publishers and librarians about matters we deal in forum (Well, maybe some of yours it is) I mean Advise about classify millions of books. Someone working here or or

Digital / Online libraries:
The Universal Digital Library -
Project Gutenberg -
Bartleby -
Ibibiio -
Google Books -
Biblio Vault -
Internet Public Library - previous added in wiki
Biblioteca General internacional para niños (International Children's Digital Library) -
The European Library -
National Library of Australia -
Medical Student -

Book sizes is already added in wiki

Cataloging of books:
Bookish -
Goodreads -
LibraryThing -
Shelfari -

wiki has been updated! Thanks for all the great input.

@Adambassador Thank you too!

DEEP Database of early English playbooks - - Not sure about this one

ISO Paper sizes - - list of the common American and European paper sizes includes the ISO standards - Not only for books.
Paper types -
List of Paper mills - - Not only for books, I suposse.

Presses and letterpress:
British letterpress -
And a guide about collectiong books:

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