There are other codes on russian books:
УДК = Universal Decimal Classification (UDC), example: УДК 821.111(73)
ББК = Library bibliographic classification, example: ББК 84(7Сое)
Author's sign, example: Б48

Please, add it to the list!

Moreover UDC is international classifier. There is the non-profit UDC Consortium, which moderates it. This identifier is a must have here.

ББК is a USSR analogue of UDC. Nowadays it's actively used in Russia, only recently discontinued in Ukraine. Not sure about the other post USSR countries. And still - this is a huge amount of books covered and thus a must have here.

Please don't ignore this.

+1 add this the support of these codes ASAP

Sorry for excessive message, the last bracket is a part of the link

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