Hello everyone,

I have a couple of magazine that I would like to add. I noticed that some of magazine entries are more detailed than others. I was wondering what were your top precedents when it comes to magazines so that I can personally try my best to be up to par.

Well, if you want to create a really good sub: Add all the credits you cand find in the magazine and the topics/subjects.
If you create new credits or subjects add a small description to the new profile page.
Example: https://www.bookogs.com/book/550576-spex-304-no-11-2006
Of course, this means a lot of work and you don't have to to this.
But you asked and it's up to you ;-)

PS: in some cases, like historical or art magazines it might even be good to add the essays as works, like I did here: https://www.bookogs.com/book/550576-spex-304-no-11-2006

Ok thanks that is extensive will do my best!

Ok thanks that is extensive will do my best!

Good luck, and just ask if problems occur ;-)

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