What do you think about developing chapters section as on the Discogs tracklist section? This way you can easy adding credits by chapter. useful in magazines, fanzines and short stories books written by diferent authors, event illustrated books, encyclopedias etc.You could add Chapters, sub-chapters, headings, chapters numbering (roman, arabic, etc) pages, etc, etc, etc,
Chapter Number Chapter Name initial Page
I The Beginning 1
Written-By: Cervantes
Illustrations: Picasso
II Time Goes By 20
IIa. As Tears
IIb. Goes By


I have +1'd this suggestion before and will +1 it again here. This needs to happen.

I've got this on our Bibliogs feature request list. I'll let you know an eta as soon as I can.

Yep, will be a great day to see this in place.

I hope it encompasses not only chapters but also the preface, foreword, introduction, afterword, prologue, epilogue, maps, index, table of contents, and all the other goodies of the book world!

Yes that would be cool

What about the case of a collection of short stories by one author? I added Ernest Hemingway's "Men Without Women" and I listed the short story titles in the "Chapters" section. But that isn't exactly the best category title.

And it would get even more complicated, I think, in the case of a compilation by multiple authors. Some of that, I think, will need to be imported from Discogs.

Also, it would be convenient to preserve formatting as entered.

I just added Sunset Park by Paul Auster. The book is divided into four sections, with each section having different chapter titles. The book page, however, did not preserve the indentations I used to set off the separate sections.

It would be great to be able to add chapters via "+"-menu, so the final entry looks like:

• "Chapter One"
• "Chapter Two"
• "Chapter Three"

and so on. Maybe with additional page information and "author"-textfiield?

• John Doe - "Chapter One" (p1-10)
• Martin Walther - "Chapter Two" (p10-16)
• Jesus Christ - "Chapter Three" (p16-32)

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