Can anyone help with suggestion on how to list the identifiers (4th image) on...

Yes, I have the same question. I am adding Soviet books, and this is hard to enter...

Do you mean the one that looks like a mathematical equation? Maybe just a use a forward slash, or the obelus, like in math?

Е 20901-577 / 014(01)-81 65-80
Е 20901-577 ÷ 014(01)-81 65-80

Or, do you mean more in a general level, i.e. what the code it is, what it means, and what identifier to use? That is something I can't help you with... I have a couple of Soviet era books too, and would like to know.

Yes the one that looks like maths.

I entered the other one as "other".

Ok, my best working assumption is that it is two numbers printed in an economic fashion.

One ending 77 refering to the original 1977 Russian edition, one ending 81 refering to this English translation.

I will enter both and see how it goes.

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