In the codes lists, is it possible to add DL (French) please (eg: Dépôt Légal) ?

Is it possible?
Or just DL, what can applies to many countries.
The thing is that the only date on many french books is the DL

I try again
And i will ask something new. Legal deposit have sometimes a date, sometimes a specific code, sometimes both. So we (bookogs) need a DL line (not only for spain and portugal but for all other countries) in dates AND codes
thanks for reading

I agree that the French DL should be added too, both to codes and date field.

What other countries have a DL code, that aren't on the list yet?

Belgium, at least. But the DL innitials are language specific: In Dutch is called "Wettelijk depot". &

A list of 40 countries is on the Legal Deposit wikipedia page
I think that the more simple is just to add a line "Legal Deposit", without country.

It depends. That list isn't the full truth, it includes countries that have a legal deposit system, but for example in Finland that info is not printed on the books (at least I don't remember seeing anything).

But, if the amount of countries that do have a DL identifier printed is overwhelming, then I do agree that maybe just one identifier is enough.

I can't say unfortunately. What is sure is that the DL, at least for france, should be added, as you said, both to codes and date field.

Any possibility to see a DL (french) one day?:)

Still no answer from the staff

Last bump

Sorry for the lack of replies. I'm a bit unclear on the details here. Let me know which points I'm getting right or wrong:

  • Should Legal Deposit should be added as a general type in identifying codes.
  • Should the country specific ones should be removed (DL (Portuguese), DL (Spanish) and Wettelijk Depotnummer (WD))
  • Or should we add specific ones for all the different countries / names?
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