In the codes lists, is it possible to add DL (French) please (eg: Dépôt Légal) ?

Is it possible?
Or just DL, what can applies to many countries.
The thing is that the only date on many french books is the DL

I try again
And i will ask something new. Legal deposit have sometimes a date, sometimes a specific code, sometimes both. So we (bookogs) need a DL line (not only for spain and portugal but for all other countries) in dates AND codes
thanks for reading

I agree that the French DL should be added too, both to codes and date field.

What other countries have a DL code, that aren't on the list yet?

Belgium, at least. But the DL innitials are language specific: In Dutch is called "Wettelijk depot". &

A list of 40 countries is on the Legal Deposit wikipedia page
I think that the more simple is just to add a line "Legal Deposit", without country.

It depends. That list isn't the full truth, it includes countries that have a legal deposit system, but for example in Finland that info is not printed on the books (at least I don't remember seeing anything).

But, if the amount of countries that do have a DL identifier printed is overwhelming, then I do agree that maybe just one identifier is enough.

I can't say unfortunately. What is sure is that the DL, at least for france, should be added, as you said, both to codes and date field.

Any possibility to see a DL (french) one day?:)

Still no answer from the staff

Last bump

Sorry for the lack of replies. I'm a bit unclear on the details here. Let me know which points I'm getting right or wrong:

  • Should Legal Deposit should be added as a general type in identifying codes.
  • Should the country specific ones should be removed (DL (Portuguese), DL (Spanish) and Wettelijk Depotnummer (WD))
  • Or should we add specific ones for all the different countries / names?

Ok no problem
IMO Legal Deposit should be added as a general type in identifying codes, yes, without specifyng the country.
What is important is adding "Legal Deposit" in date field (because at least in France and surely in other countries, it's often the only date appearing on books) AND in codes field (sometimes, the code is printed)
Thanks Kalli

The only issue I see with a generic Legal Deposit field is that the Legal Deposit country is not always the same as the one on Location of Publication. This is a small detail, but if Bookogs is expected to get as detailed as Discogs, it might want to keep the country info.

On the other hand, country specific LD codes could end up cluttering the Code Type menu, as stated before. Keeping the country info will require more profound changes to the submission form to avoid this. It might no be worth it.

So the simpler solution is a generic LD field, really.

I also agree with the proposal of adding a Legal Deposit Date do Date Type menu.

i agree with anarcadia!

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