Is it just me or has something happened to our profile pages? Mine is not showing my contributions. It's not showing much really, just my Discogs link and want lists etc.I hope this is a bug and not a permanent feature. I see an option at the bottom right corner giving me a choice to look at my latest edits or contributions but nothing happens when I choose an option.

You're right, contributions are not visible. I've changed the order from Title, A - Z to Latest Edits and to Latest Additions which caused no effect.

This should be fixed now, thanks for the heads up. Apologies for any inconvenience, was a small bug related to some changes on the profile page.

Thanks for the sorting options, very much appreciated! :-)

Yes, all good now, thanks Kalli, cool new feature. I do look forward to the day we have our own inboxes and we can divide our credits up by books/Author etc, but this is cool for now.

glad to hear that you like them

divide our credits up by books/Author etc, but this is cool for now

There should be a filter for the specific types (books, credits, works) but perhaps that isn't what you meant Supernaut1970?

Oh wow, yeah I see it now, that is actually what I meant, top marks, fantastic. Now I know how many books I have submitted etc, Thank you, this is great.

Btw, any idea why my profile image hasn't been updated here? I changed it a while ago and it shows correctly in Discogs and Filmogs but not here.

I was wondering abut the profile image also. Mine was changed weeks ago on Discogs but it hasn't caught up here yet.

Also, my contributions do not show on my profile, although if I check another member's profile, I can see their contributions and the new display format.

@kitchi-gummi: your contributions should show up now, little quirk that we fixed. Let me know if you see any further inconsistencies.

@mirva: Have you logged in on Bookogs since changing the image on Discogs? If not could you try logging out and back in, this usually gets user profile changes across.

Yeah, that did the trick, thanks. :-)

Yes, contributions show on my profile page now. Thank you.

Also, yes, my updated picture shows now after logging off and back on. I never thought about doing that.

Any way to see the filtering options with a mobile device?

Any way to see the filtering options with a mobile device?

I'm afraid they are hidden in the mobile view for now, as they really need added interactivity to be useful there. Adding this is on our (ever expanding) todo list though!

Thanks, kalli. :-)

The sorting options are cool yes, soon in collection page?

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