I don't know whether something like this is under development but I have a suggestion for the "Work" page. I think it would be cool if you didn't just list title and author of a book but also publication year and edition number (similar to the "Master Release" page on Discogs). That way collectors could easily look for first editions of their favourite works. As of now, one has to click on each release to find out which edition is which.

What do you think?

I like the idea, but unlike Discogs (single release date) we have multiple dates associated with each release.

I have been trying to figure out the logic of which date is picked as the canonical date for each book... As far as I can tell it's the first one entered.

Because of that I have switched to listing dates with the most recent reprint date first (I used to enter in the order dates were listed).

I like the idea too, we definitely need more information shown other than the title and the author.

@dzed: Ok, so you think part of the problem would solve itself if we just put the "This edition published" field first for every release?

That might make sense. I reviewed one of my submissions and noted that it favours the "This edition published" date in cases where it is supplied.


On the point of finding first editions, I have noted that this can be somewhat subjective. Generally, books don't have "first edition" printed on them. I see a lot of books on Abebooks and other places with doubtful claims around this.

True, I have made the same experiences working in an antiquarian bookshop, many times people mistake the copyright date for the release date. But that same problem exists on Discogs, you can only tell which edition is the real first one with lots of experience and background information.

However, I still think listing various releases of a single work chronologically by "This edition published" date and displaying the edition number would make things already easier for (ongoing) collectors.

Alright, I just tried putting "This edition published" first for each book of "The Caucasian Chalk Circle (https://www.bookogs.com/work/413799-der-kaukasische-kreidekreis). It didn't change the display order.

Basically, the order is sorted alphabetically, in order of submission date, right?

Looks like it, yes.

"Series" in the work page would also save some html.

What do you mean?

like this

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