I uploaded this one some months ago, but it's duplicated: https://www.bookogs.com/book/291209-navia-caotica

Thank you! :)

I checked over the data on these books and one is a hardback and the other a paperback and as we log different versions of the same book we can keep both of these in the database.

Regarding the Australia book I've asked the newer submitter, tam89rds, if there is any difference before removing his version.

I think this is a duplicate. Lonely Planet does issue the same title every couple of years but they always have different pictures on the cover or down near the barcode area they usually tell what edition it is and for what year the book is intended to be useful as a guide.

yes i think it is a duplicate. i can't access the book for the time being.

Seems we have 2 profiles for the author Ted Gioia
Can someone check this. Don't know how it happened.

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