Some time ago, I noticed user iBookstore was listing Russian books with English titles, which I gathered were transliterations made up by the user.

The guidelines state: The default language of the database is English. However, Bookogs supports Unicode and allows objects in any language and character set. objects must be submitted in the language used on them, they should not be translated or transliterated. (1.8.1.)

I found this user to be particularly rude and aggressive, so I passed the matter on to the staff for them to resolve.

I had totally forgotten this person and several days I noticed a Russian copy of Ulysses by James Joyce had been submitted using English names which was not indicated by the image. I corrected the title and added an author NV. The user reverted my edit without stating what was actually done or the reason behind it. I innocently added the author NV again thinking I had made a mistake. I then received an angry response.

I would suggest to other users to avoid this person as its obvious to me that this person has no intention of abiding by the Bookogs guidelines.

Is it possible that they don't understand that this is also a database, not just a marketplace, and think their submissions are their sales listings?

Well done for spotting it, as the site expands hopefully it will not become and avalanche of confused users.

mirva I went to a lot trouble to explain the guidelines regarding titles, image content, etc. when I encountered this user about seven months ago. When he told me to mind my own business (putting it politely) and reverted all of my edits, I referred the matter over to the staff. I have no idea how the staff counselled this person, but I gather it didn't have much effect.

I would think a Russian language book would mostly appeal to Russians, so having the title in English seems a poor marketing strategy.

westpier I think there is a big difference between a confused user who is willing to learn, and one who simply wants to set their own agenda.

If that's the case, then I'm surprised they still have access to the database. I was just wondering because they don't seem to have any experience from Discogs, and I've seen the exact behavior from users who have been selling via Discogs but thought it was like eBay, to the extent that they've tried to remove their submissions after the item were sold.

The staff have informed me that they will contact the user again and monitor the situation.

Apparently the staff have contacted user iBookstore because this comment was posted in the submission history of:

"Big Brother Staff will be grateful, and give you a Stick... ."

I maintain this person is extremely rude and arrogant. Other users can form their own judgement.

And again, an argument for the birth control.

They should shut down this persons sellers account (is that technically possible?) until he proves his ability to do correct submissions.

I would like to give another comment, which would include the word stick too, but I renounce, as there is no checkbox for sensitive content within the forum.

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