Hi to Everyone,
New to the community, an active Discogs member, with questions about submission.
First a question about dimensions, which I realize are not required, but are a telling distinction between editions of the book, are there guidelines which measure scale to use? I figure to add this information to the notes.
As I have not submitted as of yet, perhaps the next question is self evident about book club editions, which are usually sized differently, use different publishers and are released at a different time than the (c). Almost, not a reprint, if you know what I mean.
Last, for this post, how should Large Font releases be handled, often but not always they are labeled as such. Do I need to learn about fonts to distinguish between them or is the unspecified Large Font to go as an entry in the notes along with an image?
I should ask if there are members who can mentor submissions, as on Discogs, too.
I am sure there will be other questions and hope to be regular contributor.

Welcome to Bookogs.

If you want to add dimensions then this can be added to Notes. Personally, I don't bother adding this sort of detail mainly because of the work it involves. I have noticed the occasional user adding dimensions, but it isn't standard practice.

There is a Credit role for "Book Club' and you can add the name of book club alongside it. There are some existing Credits for book clubs such as Oprah's Book Club. If you are submitting a book and the Credit doesn't exist then just create one. There is also the Format "Club Edition" which you can use in conjunction with the Credit role.

I was only thinking about Large Print editions on Monday, as at present there is not a Format describing these editions. I will add this to the Format request thread, although I can't guarantee that it will be added. The only alternative at present is to add this detail to Notes. I do think Large Print should be available as a Format and searchable.

There isn't a mentoring system as such, but if you need assistance then you can either post a Forum topic, or if you want you can send me a PM. It is always a good idea to read the Guidelines first: https://www.bookogs.com/wiki

Thank you for your quick response. And thanks for volunteering to review my submissions. Is there a way to create a draft, as with Discogs and send you a link to it for your viewing and critique? I didn't see one, but have only looked at other submissions. Maybe I missed it.
Also, I didn't see instructions on how to enter a submission to Works. How is this done? What are the qualifiers, language?, image on the release?.
Thank you again!

No there isn't a draft facility. If you want, you can make your first submission and let me know the url or the title and I will look at it and let you know if there any errors.

Here is an example of one of my book submissions: https://www.bookogs.com/book/484883-peril-at-end-house

Apart from several mandatory fields, the level of detail you provide is discretionary.

This is the Wiki page on Work credits: https://www.bookogs.com/wiki/works-master-pages-on-bookogs

It is fairly self-explanatory. Just remember that a Work title is created with the original language title. For example, if you are were to submit an English edition of a book by a Russian author, then the Work Credit needs to be created using the original language title in Russian Cyrillic.

This is an example of a typical Work credit: https://www.bookogs.com/work/498321-the-adventurous-four-trapped

That should read: "if you are were to submit an English edition of a book by a Russian author, then the Work Credit needs to be listed or created using the original language title in Russian Cyrillic."

Personally I'd like dimensions to be added as frankly it would be a reminder to me to add them as I rarely do. Its fairly common for me to purchase a book on Amazon only to get some crumby smaller reprint.

westpier good point. I purchased a book on eBay which turned out to be a crappy pocket book. If the dimensions were listed then I probably wouldn't have bought it.

If we are going to add book dimensions then should we use only metric? The imperial system was abolished in my country in 1972 and replaced with metric, so feet and inches don't mean a great deal to me. I believe there are only three countries currently using feet and inches: Liberia, Myanmar and the US.

I'm happy with metric, though be good to hear from some American (or Liberian?) contributors.

Be good to look at a 'works' and see the book dimensions below each version.

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