Is this right?
I tried to search for an author whose book I submitted recently and had no results.

David Lee King

Yes, I posted it in bugs section some time ago. Also entries with different capitalization doesn't lead to the same entry.
- Entering companies with " sign makes this company invisible

Yes, my search for the world famous Anne Frank which I submitted also had no result.

I think we irgently need a search by author. And what about ANVs of Authors in various languages? For the time being a different page is created each time...

well, to be honest...I'm disappointed that all the knowledge that has been gained through the discogs database hasn't been used installing this incredible huge challenge of database experience. A lot of things work quite well in discogs but is not used here. Why?

Any staff around?

The same types of questions are being asked at the other ogs sites too. Here is nik's reply over at comicogs

"Hi - thanks for your feedback!

Discogs is a very established and specialized system, the idea with Comicogs (and Bibliogs and Filmogs and Gearogs and Vinyl Hub) was to make a system that would be easier to adapt to different things - as you can see. This meant starting over with the whole system. Trying to adapt Discogs would be very hard, if not impossible.

We develop software, both here and on Discogs, in an 'Agile' method. That means we don't try to build the whole thing and make it 'perfect', but we build the smallest thing that is going to be usable, then iterate on that based on user feedback, testing etc. You can read more about this at

I hope that helps. Please let us know if you have further questions, thanks!"


Yes I understand that and that was my first thought when I saw this "omega" database start. But some things are general database issues. Search engines, field linking and other things don't have to be invented a second time. These "homeworks" should have been done before starting these new databases...

Good morning,

Thanks for joining Bibliogs and providing feedback. I do read and try to respond to the forums here on a daily basis. As Nik's quoted statement above indicates, our new databases are in the early stages and we are planning to add new features as soon as possible.

Author search and ANV functions are definitely on the feature request list. I will be striving to keep you guys informed about the development process and priorities, but this is a new venture on our part, so we'll be learning and adapting to improve things.

Again, we really appreciate your participation in and support of these new projects. Please continue to let us know what should be added and improved and we'll do our best to consider each request and tackle the improvements that we can make.


Along those lines, one field for author name might not be enough. We refer to lots of authors by only one: Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer, Joyce, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Twain, Melville, etc.

Perhaps the author name should be entered as multiple fields? (Unless there is some easy coding work-around and I certainly would not profess to know.)

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