Are we allowed to change username!

In the past then "Discogs" rule the World we were not allowed to change usernames. But now here on "bookogs" we could choose from day to day. it seems.
most reason
[SextonBlake and AgathaCrustie]

How is a user so mich different names, while on "Discogs" you are only
allowed one name.
I know a lot of different E mails account differrs to ake a new profile, but on "Discogs" you could only make one profile per adress!

So what up with this user?

Hi zamla_71,
There's not strictly any Discogs policy against making a separate account, though it is something we keep an eye on in case users are avoiding invoices, the CIP, or an account ban due to abusive behaviour. We know none of these are the case for AgathaCrustie, and we're aware of their motivations for changing their account name.

While im here if i get on CIP via discogs does that block bookogs as well?

And where does our bookogs notifcations go do they go to our discogs inbox?

Yes if you get blocked on Discogs, you will get blocked here too. Notifications go to your email, hopefully, soon we will get out own inboxes here.

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