Was anything ever decided on how to submit encyclopedia type sets? Each volume separately or all together? I have a History of the World in 4 volumes set, not sure if I should submit separately or together.

Great question, I have a few volumes I would like to add. As it is now I am thinking to add them separately and group them together as a series, but that's just my thoughts, hopefully, other contributors will chime in on this, it's an important question.

I think the prevailing opinion is that if the items were sold only as a set, then they should be submitted together.

If the items are part of a set but were sold separately, then these should submitted individually. The way to link these would be to use a Publisher Series credit if applicable.

The biggest problem is the submission page is not really designed for multiple books and this has been discussed previously: https://www.bookogs.com/forum/441975-box-sets-can-items-be-listed-separately

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