submitting 1 book or magazine per day
(if every user here submitted 1 book per month it would be well over 7,000 books a month - at the moment we are not getting anywhere near that total)
Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year!

I agree 7,000 book submissions per month is a worthy aspiration. I just looked at the submission statistics and we nearly doubled the total books in the database in one year, so the site is definitely gaining momentum. If we had more users like you with a massive book collection and the determination to submit them all, then the magical number of a million books could be attainable sooner than later.

I keep thinking the same, how great it would be if everyone who joined the site submitted a book a day. I think 2019 should be a good year for Bookogs, I am sure we can double or even exceed the book count from 2018, The site has been improving rapidly the last few months, let's hope it continues. and of course happy new year to everyone.

Gees, that has gone from 1 book a month to 1 book a day. I don't think I could stand the pace, 7,000 books a day!

oh yeah, I thought that was what WiebeVancamp meant for everyone, but I see it is their personal goal. Mine is around 20-25 a week and do more works and fill in as many blank credits as I stumble on. I am hoping for new contributor features this year. It would be great if we could sort our submissions to filter, Book, Works, and Credits.

thats right, my personal goal is 1 book a day.
I thought an easy goal for all users would be 1 book a month!
I checked last month's submissions and the top ten did 3/4 of the submissions.

You must think I'm pretty lazy.

I think you are the hardest worker here!
So stop fishing for compliments - ha, ha.

Oh shucks. My motives are that transparent. I will need to work on being more sophisticated. Thanks.

That's correct. I mean not only AgathaCrustie's great work but as WiebeVancamp wrote: as i count before midnight of New Year's Eve, total submission was 2695 and the first 10 users added 1800 what is actually 67%.
As i know, one of the biggest Hungarian second hand online store catalogized around 750,000 items, it means i need to work here minimum 750 years long... So we need new serious users but as i saw how Discogs grown during the last 10 years, i am peaceful because reading is almost so popular like listening music.

Hi Foxmulder, great work you do, yes I agree we need more dedicated submitters for the site to succeed, we have over 7000 members but not so many are active it seems, I am hoping now the site is easier to use and navigate more folks will come along and start submitting. I suppose we need more exposure to attract more users.

Thanks, Supernaut1970! After a busy start of weekdays now i see busy work on Bookogs started, with 1,200 new subs we can achieve a minimum 3,000 but maybe 4,000 in total this month! Achieving around the last number i feel some reputation but i don't know how happened this in monthly resolution in 2018.
Is anybody got some newsletter from Discogs these days around last year summary related to Bookogs?

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