Is there a way to merge orders and combine shipping for multiple items? It seems like buyers pay at the time of placing order. Please post link if I missed it in the Wiki.

Just so that you don't think everyone is ignoring your question. I'm sure the staff will be back on board soon and will be able to answer your query.

Unfortunately, I can't help you as I haven't worked with the sales side of this site.

Thanks for the response. I know the site's still young and developing, I'm patient. Doubt there have been many sales?

Hi pabrnsd,
We don't yet have a marketplace functionality to combine shipping for multiple items, but if you use the comment section on the order page, you can probably work something out with the seller. Hopefully we can add that merge order function soon.
Orders are coming along - we're no Discogs (yet :D), but gaining momentum hopefully

Thanks, falsepriest! Glad to hear there's been some movement with sales. I only have 6 items up so far but I'll keep adding. I'm just thinking ahead as I haven't sold anything yet. I'm glad y'all started this and Filmogs as I'm always saying "I wish there was a Discogs for books, magazines, and films." With the merge order function, we might need the capability to invoice buyers as shipping is unpredictable with books, having so many different weights.

Thanks for the kind words, pabrnsd. Glad you're enjoying Bookogs and Filmogs! That's a good suggestion regarding how to address shipping weights of books, hopefully we'll get to that soon

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