What do you think about enter books sizes in db and make a wiki page similar to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_size.
If we add records by size: 7", 12", etc we could add books by size: Folio, quarto, octavo, etc... if the size is standardized or height and weight, if not.
If Bibliogs becomes a marketplace i think sellers and buyers needs to know size of books in order to value shipping costs.

some of the standardised sizes would be useful

I've added this suggestion to this list. Thanks.

Sorry, I just created a duplicate thread regarding book sizes.

In it I request actual fields where we can enter in the height, width and depth as books vary widely.

+1 for this.

Bumping also this. ;-)

In it I request actual fields where we can enter in the height, width and depth as books vary widely.

I think I would actually prefer this over the standardized sizes as there are so many exceptions. But then comes the question do we use the metric or the imperial system?

<metric or the imperial system?
Here https://www.bookbaby.com/book-trim-sizes-and-binding-options visually useful BTW, they use inches and I think most of sites refering to trim sizes are in inches. Anyway it could be ok adding translation into metric

The company is American, so naturally they use inches. Companies in countries that use the metric system use centimeters or millimeteres - at least the ones I checked.

Maybe company is american, but more than half the books won't be, so not only inches or american standard sizes, please

Maybe company is american

Yeah, Discogs is American too, but I was referring to the link emilianito1972 posted. :)

An ideal situation would be that we could use either or. It's difficult to force people to use a system they are not used to. I know it from personal experience, I've lived in the US for 8 years, and I'm still not fully used to the inches, feet, gallons, Fahrenheit and other oddities.

So far i've put a Size (hwd/mm) note to the entries.
Maybe the devs would consider adding a conversion system when implementing a size section?

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