I see foxmulder has almost single handedly moved Hungarian into 8th place on the language board.

Excellent work. Keep on submitting!

Agreed! Thanks for pointing that out, AgathaCrustie.
Just looking at our stats from the mid-year point and I don't think Hungarian had cracked the our top 10 languages yet, so this is huge. Thanks, foxmulder

Thank you guys!!!
I am glad to be here and submitting books from and related to my lovely but small country.
I am proud to make the great Hungarian literature (among others) this way more public.
I am sure this DB will be more & more powerful with time and hope other Hungarian users will contribute (Hungarian books) as well. Thanks!

Great work!, We have a credit for the country Hungary now we so we can use that as a subject for books about the country.

Thanks Supernaut1970, i already found a book and could add my country as About/Subject credit! https://www.bookogs.com/book/98250-culinaria-hungary

I just noticed "Hungarian" is rapidly gaining on "Portuguese". If we don't watch out "English" will be second on the language board!

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