So if a book was originally written in, say, French, and I have a translation, and the original French is also in the database, which language title should appear in "works"?
I'm thinking cross-linking by creating a works for both languages and then enter both works into the database entries?
Would that even work to link them?

I should have said I have the English translation, to be clear.

The Work credit is always created using the original language title. Therefore use the French Work credit and add the English title as an NV of this. Also remember to record the Original Language and Original Language Title in the appropriate fields.

The purpose of Work credits is to collect all additions of the same title. I can see an argument for treating a particular translation as a unique Work, but personally I think this would get rather complicated. Other users might have a different opinion. I do know for a fact that no one so far has created a unique Work title purely as a translation.

Hmm. I believe the question relates to

Denis Hollier wrote Les dépossédés (1993) and this was later translated into English by Catherine Porter with the title Absent Without Leave: French Literature Under the Threat of War (1997). Whether the translation should be treated as unique is debatable. It does set a precedent and I would be interested to hear other opinions before making a judgement.

I was actually referencing a few works by Victor Serge, some French translations of Henry Miller; I didn't remember the Hollier book until I read your first reply.

I didn't see the French in the database, so I'm not sure how I'd go about naming the work properly? I don't know if it would be correct for me to enter it in the French when I don't have that copy, and not knowing anything about the original text.

I'd certainly welcome any solution that would allow it to be entered in the original French.

What do you do when the copyright page/text of a foreign language translation list an original title only as a variation of the English? Just leave off creating a work for the title?

I can see it getting very tedious given the majority of the books in my collection/contributions are not by native English speakers, and some are collections of works published separately in a variety of literary almanacs b/c the titles are rarely provided in the original language.
An example would be entering each story in a collection of stories by Chekhov compiled by the American or British publisher as a work; but I'd think that it would also make sense to enter the title of the collection as a work in its own right in such a situation.

Thanks for the corrections. I can't seem to reliably get the NV to appear as an option after entering the title of the work. The icon disappeared after I tried to use it just 2 times.
Is there a trick to getting the NV icon to appear again/be able to add one or more NVs to a work?

If the Work is already in the database, you can add the NV right away, if you create a new Work by adding it to the Works field of the book submission form, you have to submit it first, than go to "Edit this Book" and add the NV.
The system can handle NVs only on existing subjects, be it a credit or a work.

No problems. As BadMoon stated, when you create a Work credit the NV facility is not available on the page editor. That means you have to generate the Work credit and then re-enter the submission to add the NV. One of the quirks of Bookogs.

A quick workaround is to use the 'Add one like it' facility to create the Work first and then add them to your subs. That way you don't have to go back and forward creating them and then adding the NVs. The 'Add one like it' facility is especially helpful if you are adding a series by an author as you don't have to start from scratch each time. The only thing to remember is to modify or remove the irrelevant data!

One other point I will make is the author is not automatically added to the Work credit, this has to be done manually. Until the author is added to the Work credit then it will not appear in the author's database. Without that detail it almost makes generating a Work credit pointless.

thanks, figured out how the NV works since I posted.
ah wonderful so now I have to go back and add an author to all the new "works" that are simply translations of an existing book? I'm sorry, but that just seems ridiculous. I understand why it would be necessary, but am definitely not dedicated to the endeavor.

I agree it is tedious, and I have just spent the last 4 hours adding the author and various other details to the numerous Work credits that you generated. But as I said generating a Work credit without adding the author is really pointless because essentially they are invisible. Unfortunately that is the system that we have to deal with.

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