I am having a hard time understanding why it is taking so long to add a personal capability to a submission. Since discogs already has this shouldn't it be simple to add to bookogs?
I have a 3,000+ library and without a personal feature telling me where a book is located, I can spend a lot of time looking for a book. Since I have submitted almost 2,000 books, I will have to personalize those submissions later ----- much easier to do that at the same time as submitting!
As to submitting my anthologies without a draft capability --- not going to happen!

hey WiebeVancamp, we are hearing more and more comments about collection notes or tags. We will take this into account when we plan for the near future. Hopefully something we can address soon.

the reason the *ogs sites lag behind Discogs is just that there is a lot of catching up to do and we are a small team working on the project. We do appreciate the patience.

Thanks for the feedback and for submitting to Bookogs.

Also i have the same need.
Also would be useful a free reserved fields for user osservation important for user only.

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