We’re currently working on a project to get more links to and from Discogs and Bookogs. There are already quite a few Discogs artist pages that link to their corresponding Bookogs page, and vice versa, which is great.

We don’t yet have the tools or resources to fully automate our linking, so we’re doing it manually. If you’d like to get involved with this project, here’s a spreadsheet (sorry, it's a Google doc) where you can find likely links and check them off as they’re added: Discogs to Bookogs - Suggested Links

Please note, some of these might not be an exact match, so please double check the links before submitting. Have at it!

This has already been great in helping music fans discover more about their favorite artists and find books by, about, or related to them. We’d love to really strengthen that connection between Discogs and Bookogs and create the ultimate data source for music fans.

Corresponding lists can also be found in the forums of Filmogs and Posterogs, but not one in Discogs, or have I just not searched properly?

We have not posted the lists to the Discogs forums, yet. Mostly because people over there aren't as familiar with Bookogs and the other sites as the community is over here (hopefully these links will help make more people aware of Bookogs, bibliographies, filmographies etc).

We plan to bring this linking project to the attention of more people in the very near future though.

To be clear, we do want these links added on both the Bookogs and Discogs side of things. They've been discussed and ok'ed as valid resources on the Discogs forums, so updating Discogs artists with relevant Bookogs credits is encouraged!

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