I have requested that Supernatural Fiction be added to the genre list about 5 times over the last year and a half .... I would imagine this would be a very simple task.... however this has not been accomplished .... Am I the only one to suggest a reasonable genre and meet with such stonewall inaction ??

They haven't added any new genres for a while. A couple of months back they asked for some opinions about what would be the best way to deal with genres, as obviously the current list is not going to work in the long run.

You could always use the About/Subject credit for the time being, it has already been used for some genres:

Yes, I use the About/Subject credits if it's not there. I would like to see pseudoscience added as a genre to deal with all those books that try to debunk science but written by non-scientists.

I went ahead and created a subject for Supernatural Fiction:

Brilliant Mirva ..... when I have a few minutes, I'll start adding some books to the genre .... bestest .... nidge

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