I'm not so sure that Tom Clancy should be listed as one of the Authors here. https://www.bookogs.com/book/96980-der-campus

He died before the book was published, and quite possibly before it was even written. Certainly, he deserves a mention in the credits, just not sure what role.

Any thoughts?

Referring the description on the works site, I would change the title to "Tom Clancy - Der Campus" and credit Mark Greaney as Author and Tom Clancy as "Based on an idea by".
It's kind of similar to the Alistair MacLean UNACO-series books.

I agree with BadMoon, I would also include Clancy's name in the title.

I agree. Tom Clancy had been dead for two years when this book was published and it is doubtful he had any input apart from creating the characters. But then again, I recently read that I could communicate with Miles Davis via Messenger, so anything is possible.

Thanks for the replies. I fixed it.

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