I thi k we have the same company twice
with 9 books and
with 34 books.
Should we ANV one of the company names and if so which ones?

I think ANV should be fine. I would go with the full name, New English Library.

I think the same but I will wait for a little for more consensus. before I do them.


On most of the items, NEL is credited as Series, should that be better changed to imprint?

New England Library might have been classified as a either a publisher or an imprint when it was created by Times Mirror Company in 1961. It definitely became an imprint when it was purchased in by Hodder & Stoughton in 1981.

It definitely isn't a series or a publisher series. When those books were submitted some of the roles available to us now, didn't exist.

The thing I did notice is all of the books attributed to NEL have New English Library printed on the cover. No need for NEL or NVs! I will edit those books and mark NEL as a duplicate.

I will have to correct my previous comment. In fact there were two books out of the nine in the NEL database, that actually credited NEL on the cover. I have used NVs on those two books.

I have moved the books crediting The New English Library Ltd. to New English Library Limited with NVs. I have marked the former credit as a Duplicate.

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