I can't see any barrier to adding them as they are similar to audiobooks. I would wait for some more opinions, but there is nothing in the guidelines that I can see that excludes them.

Thanks for the links I was trying to get my head round it, I have no problem if they are 'audiobooks'.

Here are two different LPs with readings of Poe's The Black Cat:

They would be linked in Bookogs under the Work https://www.bookogs.com/work/411404-the-black-cat; they can't be linked under a common master in Discogs.

I have nothing against these either.

I have no problem with them, they are indeed audiobooks. Have we got a vinyl tag for them yet?

Have we got a vinyl tag for them yet?

No. Should Audiobook be broken out by format:
Audiobook (Cassette)
Audiobook (CD)
Audiobook (File)
Audiobook (Vinyl)

Given that "Format: Audiobook" only brings up 56 items, that might be slicing the salami a bit thin at this stage.

I think they should have their own tag as soon as possible, it will encourage more people to submit them. Hopefully sometime soon. In the meantime, I suppose we will have to use notes to describe what format it is.

I think a bigger problem is that people tend not to think of placing recorded audio in Bookogs as well as Discogs.

Another question: I have LPs where the reader reads excerpts. I assume an excerpt from a work can be linked under the main work page, rather than as a separate work?

There has been some discussion about whether extracts and excerpts should be added to the Work credit: https://www.bookogs.com/forum/1038-master-releases

The feeling is that adding excepts and extracts to the Work credit is the best option at present.

ThomasP64, I left a comment in the History of the https://www.bookogs.com/book/468768-basil-rathbone-reads-edgar-allan-poe/history Just in case it didn't generate a notification or you have them switched off I will repeat the question. There are a number of poems by Edgar Allan Poe that are titled "To --" The first To -- begins with the lines "The bowers whereat, in dreams, I see." (1829); the second To -- begins "Should my early life seem". (1829); The third To -- begins "Sleep on, sleep on, another hour"(1833). And then there is To -- -- which begins with the line "Not long ago, the writer of these lines..." (1829). I can't complete the Work credit profile unless I know which poem this is. Thanks.

This is the one beginning "Not long ago, the writer of these lines..." However, it appears to be 1848. The correct title is "To — — —."

The Wiki is a bit contradictory. If it is correct, then it seems Poe recycled some elements from an earlier poem written in 1829 for the later poem which you have correctly described in the Work credit Notes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poems_by_Edgar_Allan_Poe#To_%E2%80%94%E2%80%94_(1829)

Thanks for completing the Work credit.

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