If anyone is up for a project, I notice that the titles for the database entries in https://www.bookogs.com/credit/158850-sweden-rock-magazine need standardizing. Originally, the point of difference used in the title was "#number", the only problem is that magazine uses the same issue numbers each year. They really need the addition of the year in the title to make sense. There are 121 magazines to retitle!

Ordinarily, I would do the job but I'm trying to complete the Agatha Christie Work credits and I'm near exhausted. Once I have completed that job I plan to take a break from Bookogs for awhile.

I have a few other projects I am doing at the moment here but I will put this on my things to do list and get onto it when I can.
I hope you are not going to be gone for too long, it won't be the same without you here.

Sweden Rock Magazine used #1 - #108 from the start in 2001 until the end of 2013. Due to a new distrubitor in 2013 they were asked to change from sequencial numbering to #1-12 / and year. But that didn't happen until the end of 2013.

There is no need to change anything here, all issues are correctly entered in the database with it's proper number.

An alterfication of the numbering would be falsery.


I also see that a large number of these magazines has a series credit for the title instead of the Periodical title credit.

Yes indeed. will take care of that as soon as i go back to Issue #1 and start adding the subject/about credit for each number.


zamla_71 thanks for that additional information. I really should have looked at more copies before making a judgement. At least there is not a huge mass edit to conduct.

Thanks Supernaut1970 for your comment. I think a week should be enough to catch up with my reading and recharge the batteries.

Ah, only a week, you enjoy it, I thought you might be talking months or something. Have a good one.

Ah, only a week, you enjoy it, I thought you might be talking months or something. Have a good one.

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