Are any books ever sold on this site?

I'd say few and far between!

Yes, I haven't heard much from sellers yet. Early days.

Yep, it's still fairly early days - the Bookogs marketplace is still relatively new, we're not quite the 'go-to' place online to buy books yet, like Discogs is for records and CDs, but we're seeing more and more listings everyday and an increasing amount of buyer interest. It might take a little more time, but stick with it, those sales will start coming in.
If you'd like to include a link to your to make it easier for Discogs users to find your Bookogs inventory, you can add If you're on social media, you might also be able to get some extra attention on your listings by sharing the link on your profiles there.
Thanks for your patience and being among the pioneers of the marketplace!

I was actually debating setting up an ebay store. I would prefer to sell here but....

Pro: greater exposure on eBay. Con: selling fees.

Obviously, it is early days on this site, but hopefully through the process of adding links to the various Og sites (especially Discogs with its high volume of users) might have the effect of attracting more users to Bookogs. Unfortunately, having a fairly low number of users impacts on the likelihood of someone purchasing something. Not impossible, but reduced.

I have a few hundred books over on eBay for sale, I am considering after the ''Christmas rush'' to move some of them over here for a while to see how it goes. I think those with music books for sale might have a better chance here as music is the top Genre at the moment of Bookogs.

You could try listing on both - we're still not charging any fees when you list or sell an item so all it will cost you is the time to set up the listing. Just remember to remove or deactivate the listing if it sells somewhere else first :)
Sales numbers are picking up a bit lately. We're no Amazon but as you say, the Discogs ecosystem aims to be the place for music lovers

You say early days, its been over 2 years. Good SEO and advertising would not go a miss.

To be fair the site has gone from nothing to where it is now. It took about two years to get to 39,000 books and this year alone users have added over 30,000 books, so the momentum is gaining. Who knows what will happen next year?

I never realised there were no fees to pay here, not that I mind if there was, but yeah I will start listing some very soon. Do orders come directly to me here or via Discogs?
30'000 books added this year is fantastic, let's see if we can double that or triple it next year, we need to encourage more Discoggers to contribute, has anyone ever put a shout out on the Discogs forum yet?
I like Bookogs a lot, I hope we succeed in building it up to be massive.

All we need to do is make a few clones of you Supernaut1970 and we could easily reach 500,000 by the end of next year😊

ha ha


You say early days, its been over 2 years. Good SEO and advertising would not go a miss.

Its true that the *ogs sites have been accessible and in development for a while. They were more of a sideproject/beta status for a lot of that time however. Having a dedicated team and resources to work on the sites is more recent. Also compared to the 18 years that Discogs has under the belt, its definitely quite early days :)

We're always working on getting the sites out there. Suggestions, feedback and spreading the word is always appreciated.


Do orders come directly to me here or via Discogs?

You should get notifications via email and your inventory and sales are accessible through buy & sell in your user menu (upper right).

Sorry, that second quote/comment was of course meant to be an answer to Supernaut1970 (and not SextonBlake).

Hi Kali, thanks for the response, I am, sorting out some books as we speak and I will be adding a few here in the next few days and over the weekend, well not Saturday, it's Rugby season and I will be glued to the TV for that :)

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