My question concerns the articles present in a magazine.
Are considered as chapters and must be reported with the author?
The authors must be added to credits?
In this way I deal the artist as “Published By” in Discogs.
Is the right mode or there is other way?

The information below pertains to magazines and other periodicals.

I use the "Chapters" field to add the Table of Contents of the magazine.

"Contributor" or "Interview by/Interviewer" or other similar credit role for the author of articles. You could simply use "Author" if you like as well.

I think "Published By" is a credit for the name of a company or individual who actually publishes the item.

Here is an example of a magazine I've submitted:

Bookogs is still in "beta" and we're all trying to figure this out.

Anyone else has any other thoughts about this?

Also, if you want to link the topics in a magazine, you can use the "About/Subject" credit.

For example, The Beatles:

Most of those entries will have The Beatles as "About/Subject"

I’ve make the example of “Published By” in Discogs, where the publisher is not linked to the tracks (maybe would be useful, see the associated field “Label”, not used).

Maybe deal the articles and the chapter as a “Tracklist” open many possibility of link.

Hi, Belloga. Its up to you if you wish to add each writer or photographer in a magazine. I tend to do that as I prefer it.

You can added them as 'writer', 'contributing writer', 'interview by', 'review by'...etc. If you want to add that info to the 'Contents' field as well, its up to you (I don't do this).

I tend to go through the magazine and add each credit by the articles first, as the editorial (normally at the front / back) is sometimes inaccurate (ie. doesn't list all the writers) or vague (only lists them as a 'contributor').

an example here: https://www.bookogs.com/book/445432-maximum-rocknroll-042

I hope this is what you were referring to!

Yes is this.
In my head I think to select an author and see all the book, the chapter (various books use different authors for one or more chapters.
That’s all.
I’m study the field “Other” to find a solution.
Thanks for your useful tips.

Hi sharpmath,
I make an example with "Published By" for a field that you cannot link to a specific tracks.
That's all.


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