I accidentally uploaded the wrong spine to

Can that be removed?

http://www.biblio.gs/book/3631-Dom-Smierci here also 2nd image is wrong

Hi folks - we don't have an easy 'delete image' function yet. We will work on this, but I can't give an ETA for when that will be available. Good to list the problem images here so we can go back and fix them all once it is easier to do. Thanks!

And if I want adding a new image to my entry? I added only front cover and I want to add the back cover.

You go back into the sub in and in the upper right corner, you click on the arrow next to "Edit this Page" and then choose "Edit Images"

Thanks Adambassador. What about checking my collection using thumbnails view?

That feature is not available yet to my knowledge. We are in the beginning stages for sure!

Exciting times.

I really miss discogs engine here ;)

The 6th image here is incorrect.

I uploaded it by accident.

And, the 6th image here is incorrect too! Sorry guys!

Last image here is incorrect: http://www.biblio.gs/book/1978-The-Imagineering-Field-Guide-to-Disney-California-Adventure

Accidentally uploaded the spine image upside down


2e image (smallest) is the wrong one for this book.

I would like to exchange tthis scan bercause it is not as good in my eyes as it yould be.
Its a bit difficult to get the dustsleeves correct in one good sscan.
Here it is (the old one): http://www.biblio.gs/book/7749-David-Stone-Martin-Jazz-Graphics
Have allready prepared a new one.

The 5th image here (back cover of "Horst Daute - Bonsai, odling och skötsel av dvärgträd") is for a different book: http://www.biblio.gs/book/9369-Bonsai

Apparently I didn't pay enough attention when uploading...


One image of the front cover has "copyrighted image" in small print at the top and bottom of the image. Didn't notice till after I uploaded. That's what I get for using google image search instead of just scanning the cover.

I disabled all but the jazz book mentioned a few posts above

Thnx. So there are any other changes except possibility of deleting images?

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