Can this be added to Bookogs?

Nine Inch Nails: Add Violence Physical Component

This is booklet issued as part of the Nine Inch Nails' release "Add Violence Digital EP" (2017).

There is nothing in the guidelines that specifically prohibits this from being submitted (from my reading), however I believe that it belongs on Discogs. My understanding is you have to purchase the music file download to get the booklet.

I meant to add that there is a listing for this on Discogs:

The booklet itself does not belong on Discogs, as it contains no actual music.

That was just my opinion. I would be interested to hear what other users think.

As this is an interesting question, I have posted another topic with a more descriptive title in the hope of getting some more opinions:

The same "physical component" has been sitting in my submission pile since I received it...

There was a small discussion about the issue earlier:

I have to say that while I'm probably not so against these booklets being entered to the database as I used to be, I'm still not quite sure if they belong here.

Thanks mirva.

My initial reaction was that this publication definitely belongs on Discogs as part of the music download, but after re-reading the guidelines I have decided that there is no reason why it can't be submitted to Bookogs.

The more the merrier, as the saying goes.

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