10/18 began as a French publisher in 1962. It is now an imprint owned by Univers Poche.

It is credited in the database as:

10/18 https://www.bookogs.com/credit/26819-10-18

10-18 https://www.bookogs.com/credit/26739-10-18

The company website shows the name as 10/18: http://www.universpoche.com/about-us?lang=en

I propose moving the 35 books credited to 10-18 to 10/18.

I propose moving the 35 books

You mean 135? I'd just move the 8 from 10/18 to 10-18. The entry can always be renamed if needed.

This came up in the duplicate thread a while ago, and while some sources have "10/18", their contact page and Facebook have "Éditions 10-18". Just pointing it out, I'm fine with either or, but whatever we go with, it's good to mention the other variation in the profile.


Also on a lot of them the credit is incorrectly Editor which should be changed to Publisher. It's just a translation mistake, publisher is "éditeur" in French.

You can probably tell that I was half asleep when I posted this thread, or possibly 35 books was just wishful thinking on my part.

I think the easiest option is the best, so I opt for keeping 10-18.

Yes, I have noticed the French word éditeur is frequently misinterpreted as the role of editor and likewise the Italian equivalent, editore. Not sure how this can be curbed.

user-contributed (or admin) wiki in bold text "For Non-English language Submissions" is the only realistic option I see. Not sure how effective it would be if the user can't read English anyhow...Or translation of credit definitions into the languages where most confusion arises.
I've already considered some kind of pop-up warning system, but it seems it would only confuse non-English speakers more in explaining the definition of publisher vs editor.

That is what I was referring to in another thread when I mentioned confusion around imprints publishers; not sure I explicitly mentioned the editor credit.

Not sure how this can be curbed.

I'm afraid just educating people will be the only option. There are similar issues in Discogs with some credits, for example viola is "alto violin" in a bunch of languages, and that's why it's sometimes erroneously entered as "Violin [Alto]".

Just for the record, the French word éditions meaning publisher, is the one that frequently gets confused for the role of editor. The word éditeur translates to editor.

https://www.lisez.com/1018/livres/16 site
https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/10/18 wiki
https://www.editis.com/maison/10-18/ site of company who own 10/18 now
The good spelling is of course 10/18

I agree that the credit should be titled as 10/18 as per the links.

Please wait for other members of the community to express their opinion on this matter before making any changes.


Yes 10/18 seems correct.

If you receive one more affirmative vote, then I think this mass edit can go ahead.

10/18 works for me. I did find one site that shows 10-18:


But the company site showing 10/18 holds the most weight with me.

I have made the change to the title, now known as 10/18. Finis.

thank you

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