Will there be a category for these programmes?


I'd like to see that. They're released for commercial sale, and their collectible. Thumbs up!

+1 from me too.

Also other programmes:

I agree, it would be great to have a listing for this

I guess that most concert programmes come in form of a brochure and brochures aren't allowed.

Well, things can always be discussed if there's a need to make an exception, I don't think things are that set in stone yet. :)

A lot of programmes are not brochures but booklets, or small magazines. Also some of them are quite elaborate, I have a tour programme that's basically a book (60 pages, sized 11"x18" IIRC) with articles, interviews and images about the production. I would imagine that type of programmes would be allowed in the database without a discussion actually, but if we're gonna exclude them, then we need to exclude them all.

But of course I'd rather see them all allowed as they are collectible. Where's the harm?

Then of course there are things like Playbill to muddy the waters.

I don't see any problem with this. A couple of months ago I added an LIS zine I got at a concert: https://www.bookogs.com/book/193920-London-In-Stereo-Issue-46
While not exactly a programme, I think anything that is handed out/sold in that kind of similar format should be allowed, and I'm sure many would like to track them and collect them.

In the hope of getting more opinions, I've submitted one of my Playbill magazines/programmes:

mirva I have no problem with your submitted theatre programme. I don't doubt that there are collectors and therefore a market for this sort of publication. The genre 'programme' (or 'program') would be helpful in this situation.

The genre 'programme' (or 'program') would be helpful in this situation.

Hmmm. I had thought initially that it should be in the format list, and even made a request for it in the format thread.

But maybe since programmes are published in various formats, listing it as a genre would be better. Though that would then definitely exclude the brochure-type of programmes.

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