So as not to create too many individual threads and to keep the noise down, let's use this thread for code and identifier requests.

Current outstanding requests:
ALA Awards

I've added ISSN. I'm not sure I agree that ALA Awards belongs in the Identifying Codes field. I think right now any awards should be listed in Notes.

Thanks for your input.

In this book we can see two new identifiers:
NIPO 555-07-028-4 (Id number for offical publishings)
DL: M-19673-2008 (This one is our famous "Depósito Legal" code, for records, books, etc)

I've added NIPO, DL, ISMN, Series Number, Volume Number and Issue Number to the Identifying Codes field.

Some books use a catalogue number, or reference number:
In this book: reference number is "2558-9" printed close to the barcode and also you can check web site:
to see "Reference: S2558009"

If these reference numbers don't have a specific name, I would put them under 'Other'. If later you find that they fit in another category, you could edit it.

In this book you can see:
- [Bantam Logo] Q3811 $1.25 A Bantam Book, printed on front cover
- Q3811 | 1 | Non-Fiction | $1.25, printed on spine

I added "Q3811" as Other but perhaps it can be match with some of the multiple identifier. IMHO nothing more than a simple cat# but perhaps I'm wrong.

More info:

For collections, series, etc there is: ISBN [obra completa] / ISBN [Complete Works]

I don't think that this would be materially different from ISBN.

Printer's Key:

Also I'm subbing a book that has the Finnish Public Libraries Classification System (aka PLC) (Yleisten kirjastojen luokitusjärjestelmä, YKL in Finnish) number. The system is based on Dewey, but it has less digits. Here's the classification:

Should this be added separately, or should I just use Dewey?


"International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) or USPS number if ISSN not assigned"
Used in periodicals:

I have a Canadian book in front of me where the codes seem similar - but not quite the same - as the LoC CIP data. The numbers were probably issued by Library and Archives of Canada, so I'm not sure how to enter them.

They are similar to these:

Are there any Canadians who could help with these - and whether any of the existing options in the dropdown could be used?

I seem to have overlooked this thread in my last sweep, so I really apologize for the delay in adding these. I've added Printer's Key, YKL (Finnish), EAN 2, USPS, Library of Congress Cataloguing in Production, and Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Production.


Library of Congress Cataloguing in Production, and Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Production

I'm not sure if these are exact, because that's just the heading for all the data. LoC CIP data usually includes ISBN, Dewey, their classification number and the catalog card/call number. The Canadian codes are similar but not the same.

Ah, okay. I'll remove these. If you can identify another term for the Canadian dewey system, just let me know.

Alright, thanks!

Catalog Number (used in audiobooks at least)

Product code

Some books note the age at which you can read the book
In this case: you can read: "Desde 8 años" (From age 8)

And, as this identifier: DL only appearing in Spain, I'd say better "DL (Spanish)"
DL stands for "Depósito Legal"

DOI: I just encountered one for a book, even though they are used primarily with electronic documents:

I've added Catalog Number, Product Code, and DOI. For Age, I feel like that's better kept in the Notes section at this point.

Thank you!

BIC or BIC Code, standard classification scheme for the UK book trade and other English language markets

In this (Spanish language!?) book BIC: YFB
YFB stands for General fiction (Children’s/Teenage)

I've added BIC.

Any chance of changing "EAN 5" and "EAN 2" to "EAN/UPC 5" and "EAN/UPC 2", or add "UPC 5" and "UPC 2" separately?

I haven't seen UPC 2 yet, but I have some books that have separate UPC and EAN codes (both barcode and the extension).

I've added just 'UPC' for now. If we need the another level of specificity in the future, I can edit it.

Well, here's a book that has both a UPC barcode and the extension:

I just updated it, hopefully it looks ok.

Edition Number
This book is 18th Edition so:
Edition Number: 18
Edition Number: 18th

That and perhaps Impression number. This edition is the "Eighth Impression":

If those are added, then should also add "State Number" (or just "State") and "Printing Number" (or just "Printing") as discussed here:

Could we have a DL for Portugal? Because in this small country we also have a Depósito Legal. Thanks.

I've added 'DL (Portuguese),' 'Edition No.,' and 'Impression No.' Sorry I've missed this thread in the last couple of months.

Impression No.

What is this exactly? I've seen it mostly on European books, and I thought it to be same as as a printing number? Aren't "eighth impression" and "eighth printing" the same thing - or is there some difference?

If we need the another level of specificity in the future, I can edit it.

I'd really like another level of specificity... :)

For example this looks a bit funny at the moment:

IMO it would be better if it could be entered something like:
Barcode (UPC): 070999005997
UPC 5: 33779
Barcode (EAN): 9780345337795
EAN 5: 50599

How about "Printing"? Like: Printing: Eighth Printing?

I just noticed it'd already been mentioned. Throwing my support behind it, then. :P

Nederlandstalige Uniforme Rubrieksindeling should be added. Printed in books as e.g. "NUR 301".

More info on previous post:
The number of the code identifies the subject/genre of the book.
There are different versions of the code:

  • UGI: Uniforme Genre Indeling 1970s - 1986 - e.g. UGI 301

  • NUGI: Nederlandse Uniforme Genre Indeling 1986 - 2002 - e.g. NUGI 301

  • NUR: Nederlandstalige Uniforme Rubrieksindeling 2002 - present - e.g. NUR 301

Damn, sorry, wish I could edit posts. Fixed:

  • UGI: Uniforme Genre Indeling 1970s - 1986 - e.g. UGI 301
  • NUGI: Nederlandse Uniforme Genre Indeling 1986 - 2002 - e.g. NUGI 301
  • NUR: Nederlandstalige Uniforme Rubrieksindeling 2002 - present - e.g. NUR 301

Belgian "Wettelijk Depotnummer" (Legal depositnumber).
Legally required for Belgian publications, referring to the Legal Deposit of the Royal Library of Belgium which keeps a copy of every publication.

No links in English, sorry.

+1 Wettelijk Depotnummer (WD?)

Right Society

I've added all of the above. Please let me know if you see anything I missed or any issues.

Nice, thanks! I've gone back and updated to UGI/NUGI/NUR and WD.

One suggestion: I don't know if it's possible atm, but maybe it would be better to only show the abbreviation for UGI/NUGI/NUR on the submission page (not the list in the form), as the full name is rather long.

Thanks you!

Would it be possible to change "Impression No." to "Impression/Printing No."?

@mirva - Yes, I've made this change.

@EzraZebra - As far as I know, that's not technically possible at this point.

I'm finding a book with these "Library and Archives Canada" codes as well, Mirva. For now I'll use 'Other.'

My last contribution is branded with the FSC logo and a "FSC License Code", in this case: "FSC C051148" this code is related with the printing company.
Could it be possible adding a new identifier:
FSC License Code

eISBN please

also found NLM code, which is National Library of Medicine

Price Code

I'm sure other countries probably have this too, but in Finland contemporary paperbacks have a price code (letters from A to J) instead of the actual price.

Not a request, but.. lets note the slight bit of mess the current list of identifying codes is in.

Notably, there's "Barcode (EAN)", but then "EAN 2/5/8" are listed without Barcode. Same with "Barcode (UPC)", but also "UPC" listed separately, along with "UPC 5". Prefixing all of those codes with "Barcode" would make the list more structured.

Also suggest to rename the long versions of the NUGI and NUR codes to "NUGI (Dutch)" and "NUR (Dutch)" respectively. The meaning of the acronym can be on the wiki. (Speaking of wiki, I intend to work on the Identifying Codes page this week)

These might come in handy as Identifying Codes:

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
Item Number or Item #
Product Number or Product #

Amazon specific
ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)

Target specific
TCIN ( Item Network)
DPCI (DePartment, Class, Item)

Thanks for the updates, a thread I've previously been unaware of.

DL (France)

=> Dépôt Légal.
Actually sometimes it is the only date available in books in France, "Dépôt Légal" appears on all "official" editions.

edit my previous post
A DL entry is needed in date field, before all. It helps to identify the edition date.

Hello! I don't have a request as much as I have a question. I hope that it is okay to as this here.

I have a book that I'm currently entering information about. There is no barcode or other typical identifying numbers. The numbers that are there say trade and limited before them, respectively. Since those aren't options in the pull down field, hat would be the closest option if there is one? I've put "other", for the time being.

I have had a look at your submission and the two numbers are ISBN's: one for the Trade Edition and the other is for the Limited Edition. I have used the correct role in the Identifying Codes section and modified the Notes so that this is described as ISBN data.

@AgathaCrustie Ok,thank you! I wasn't sure since it didn't explicitly state that they were ISBN numbers. Still learning the finer details here and didn't want to put incorrect information.

BISAC = Book Industry Standards and Communications as per

I second the request for:

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

Universal Decimal Classification (UDC)

How do you guys enter the different numbers in a magazine? Do you use "Issue Number" for both the annual/volume-specific issue number and the whole number?

For example: Volume 12, No 6, Whole No 620

For the title I use the whole number first, then the date or the volume number. For the issue Number field I just use the whole number or the volume + issue number if available. If a magazine just has a date. I don't add anything into the issue number field.

In Germany often a WG number appears on more recent books = Warengruppennummer (Product Type Number). Maybe this could be added at some point in the future ;-)

For the issue Number field I just use the whole number or the volume + issue number if available.

I have in the past entered both numbers as "Issue Number", but I was wondering if there's a better way of doing it, or if we need another identifier.

if we need another identifier.

To be honest - I don't think too much about this at the moment, since I'm not happy with the interaction between credit section and code sections on the whole. You have to add series, volumes and issue numbers without any relation to the respective credit fields. If you have more than one series/colume number, it stays unclear which number belongs to which series.
And If the issue number field would be attached to the title field, we don't have to add this info twice. So I hope there will be some developments in the future that will solve this problems.

IBIC code = International Book Industry Categories

Xavier.Rafael wrote:

Universal Decimal Classification (UDC)

+1 to this.

Date field request: First Translated In (This) Language

i'm currently contributing some German books that provide the date and sometimes title of the first translation to German.

PS: Should i open a new thread for date field requests? Couldn't find one.

GruenerTee wrote:

PS: Should i open a new thread for date field requests? Couldn't find one.

Here you go:
Just no one has posted in it for a while.

Copies published


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