I'm going to start adding related companies to profiles. Since there's no field for it, I've done this with HTML.

So far:

What do you think?

The HTML used is (hopefully this works):

<dt>Parent Company</dt><dd><\a href="[profile url]">[company name]<\/a>
<span class="text-muted">[type of company]</span></dd>
<dt>Imprints</dt><dd><\a href="[profile url]">[company name]<\/a> <span class="text-muted">(since 2006)</span></dd>

(remove \ from the a and /a tags; also note that line breaks can't be used, as they're added BEFORE the html for some reason)

Also added to:
and Parent Company to its divisions and regional companies

I think this looks great!

It will hopefully help with clarification between imprints, publishers and different companies within the same publishers.

I think this looks great!

Agreed! Those profiles look really good. I will give it a try at some point too. :)

Cool! I'm gonna try and make sense of the various Random House profiles next, when I have some time.

Very good

I like this. I'd been doing something similar with publishers and series--see Stanford Univ. Press--but what you've done looks much cleaner.

Glad you guys like it! The same layout could be used for just about any list or any info that deserves its own field. Feel free to apply it to those as well. I can imagine a "Current Series" section in the Stanford University Press page, and "Staff" and "Publisher" sections on the series pages. Staff roles could be specified with "text-muted" span.
This should probably be considered a work-around until actual fields for these things are added, we should be careful to keep it somewhat uniform between pages.

I haven't tried, but I think the same thing could be done in the Notes in release pages. If so, we could add our own fields :D

Random House, Inc. / Random House LLC

Random House, Inc. was the name of the parent company from 1966 to 2013, after which it was merged with another company to form Random House LLC. Random House LLC seems to have been relatively short-lived, currently all the books in the database are from 2014/15, and according to the NYS division of corporations it was terminated in 2015.

Random House Audio / Audiobooks / Audio Publishing

As I already looked into those, I will try to see if I can find more and update the profiles accordingly when I can.

If you're wishing to do more detective work, their old website is available beginning 1996 through Internet Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/*/www.randomhouse.com

So if I'm understanding it correctly, Random House's parent company is Random House, Inc (and LLC from 2014-2015), Random Inc's parent company is Penguin Random House?
I'll update it to reflect that if you can confirm.

I don't think I'm going to do any more research on this, and focus on companies (and other credits) in my submissions instead.

So if I'm understanding it correctly, Random House's parent company is Random House, Inc (and LLC from 2014-2015), Random Inc's parent company is Penguin Random House?
I'll update it to reflect that if you can confirm.

No, Random House, Inc. doesn't seem to exist anymore, it seems to have ceased to exist in 2013. Random House is currently a division of Penguin Random House LLC as correctly indicated in the profile.

I'm almost thinking it would be good to do Wiki pages of some of the bigger publishers.

Sorry for the late response. I've pretty much given up on doing these big companies, because their structure and history are a bit of a clusterf--.
I'll probably continue doing small updates as I enter/update more books though.

This is no longer possible, though it still works on profiles where this has already been done.


I'm not surprised considering that HTML use is disallowed pretty much completely in Discogs. And it's probably for the good - open database use shouldn't require HTML knowledge.

Let's hope that this means that we will get more profile fields. :)

Yeah you're right, was a nice temporary workaround though :P
I hope so too.

Btw, I've tried adding directly related profiles to Penguin Books. Input/feedback welcome. Also feel free to correct anything.

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